pogoda-belarus.by Meteo

Weather in Minsk

Current temperature 10.5 °C
Maximum temperature 16.6 °C
Minimum temperature 6.4 ° C
Current humidity 56 %
Maximum humidity 58 %
Minimum humidity 29 %
Current wind 4.8 m/s
Maximum wind 32.2 m/s
Direction of wind southeastern
Today's precipitation
Current precipitation 0.0
Annual precipitation
Current precipitation 0.4 mm
Current state 10.4 °C
Minimum state 6.1 °C
Temperature perception
Current state 9.8 °C
Indicator including temperature and humidity indicators
Current state 9.9 °C
Maximum state 14.4 °C
Dew point
Current state 2.1
Maximum state 2.2
Minimum state -3.9

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