Instructions for payment Webpay

Instructions for payment by cards by WEBPAY

Electronic payment system WEBPAY™ - is a secure online payment by cards VISA and MasterCard of all banks in any currency. For payment by card for the room and additional services, You need to perform a few simple steps.
After approving the terms of booking, You will automatically be redirected to secure payment page service WEBPAY™.

We do not save information of Your data. You enter the details of Your card on the site WEBPAY™, which provides the necessary degree of information security. We are official partners of the company «WebPay» and JSC «Priorbank».

  1. CARD NUMBER - enter the 16-digit number of Your card (type of 1234 5678 1234 6789), located on the front of Your card.

  2. CARDHOLDER NAME - enter the first and last name, according to his writing in Latin script on Your card.

  3. CARD EXPIRATION DATE - enter the month and year of Your card expiration (it is listed on the front of the card).

  4. CVV CODE - enter the three-digit card code, applied on the back of Your card. The illustration shows where You can find this number on the card.

  5. EMAIL ADDRESS - enter Youre-mail, to get the message about accepting a payment of system WEBPAY™ and electronic bill, phone number, on which the technical support staff can quickly contact You, if necessary.

  6. THE AMOUNT TO BE PAID, ORDER NUMBER, FOR PAYMENT - automatic filling of the data from the reservation order

  7. Click the «Submit».

    IMPORTANT! If You have any questions with the payment by card, please contact us in any way You like!
    Warning! After payment using credit cards is necessary to keep receiving card-checks (payment confirmation) for verification with an extract from the card account (in order to confirm the perpetrated transactions in the disputable situations arise).

    In case of refusal of paid roomthe cost of accommodation without actually incurred expenses will be return to the customer.

    To carry out the return procedure is necessary to write a statement, certified by the signature of Client service, to the Director of PRPUE "Automated tourism technologies" with the reasons of cancellation and request to return the paid under the contract money. Refund will be made to the same card from which the payment was made.

    On the issue of the return of funds You can contact with the specialists of booking service in any convenient way: by phone (37517) 394-49-11 multichannel; fax (37517) 394-59-09, by E-mail (send a message >>) or from the page of Your order.

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